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Has it ever happened to you before? You’re on your way home through the scorching California heat, thinking about relaxing in the cool comfort of your home. You pull in the drive, make a mad dash for the front door, twist the key and then BOOM! You’re smacked in the face with a wave of heat from inside. Who do you call for Rancho Cordova air conditioning service? You call Air Now!

Rancho Cordova Air Conditioning

Let’s face it, most of us don’t plan for the above scenario. Air conditioning problems typically eat into the family vacation, or the new car fund. Air Now is here to help ease the agony of an AC repair need with accurate diagnosis and work done right. Too many California homeowners fork over the cash for new equipment they didn’t even need. Why? Because an inexperienced, or lazy technician gave them bad advice. Air Now is a Rancho Cordova air conditioning company you can trust to give you knowledgeable, honest advice that will save you money.

A Rancho Cordova AC Company You Can Trust

Call us today¬† for quality work backed with our satisfaction guarantee. When you call Air Now you won’t be just satisfied with the work done, you’ll be thrilled with our services. We can’t wait to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control!

We Lead the Pack

It’s not easy in today’s world to find a company who does what they say they’ll do. All too often, the actual product or service doesn’t match the marketing hype. With Air Now, the reverse is true. We exceed our customer’s expectations all of the time. Complete customer satisfaction isn’t a goal, it’s a baseline that we build on with every job. We want to be your Rancho Cordova air conditioning company of choice. We want you to refer us to family and friends. If you’re after a company you can truly trust with all aspects of your home comfort, Air Now is that company. Call us today and take the first step towards enhanced indoor comfort control.

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