Air Conditioner Repair in Folsom, CA

When the California summer sun heats up, you need a reliable, efficient cooling system to protect the comfort of your home. Who do you call for fast, quality air conditioner repair in Folsom, CA? You call Air Now! We’re a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company and dedicated to providing our customers with the finest indoor comfort service.

The Air Now Difference

When you call us out for air conditioner repair in Folsom, we arrive on time and troubleshoot with accuracy. All too often, homeowners throw unneeded money at a problem, only because a technician didn’t really figure out what was going on. We help you invest the right way, and protect your time and money by doing the job right, the first time.

If your air conditioner cannot be repaired, we can help you find the right cooling system.

Seasonal Air Conditioner Maintenance

Imagine buying a new car, but then deciding to skip maintenance checkups. What would happen? Would the car quit running immediately after the first missed appointment? No, it would keep running for quite some time. However, fuel efficiency would begin to decline, and eventually you’d find yourself on the side of the road on a hot summer day. What would follow? A pricey repair bill that could have been avoided. Likewise, if you want to avoid the premature need for air conditioning repair, consider seasonal tune-ups on your system.

We service any make and model of equipment.

Air Conditioning Replacement – A System Designed for YOU

How else would a system be designed? Actually, many ways. For one, all too often they’re designed around the equipment another air conditioning repair company wants to sell you. Air Now is focused on “reliable service your way.” We don’t drive trucks around town full of air conditioners and heat pumps just waiting to be installed. Instead, we provide the ideal equipment for your exact home and budgetary requirements. And when we install equipment, the installation is done according to factory specifications to protect the reliability and efficiency of your investment.

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Marty B. - El Dorado Hills, CA
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In a world where home service providers seem to take pleasure in disappointing their customers, Air Now stands out from the crowd:
- They show up on time.
- They are neat and polite.
- They work efficiently. (And they'd be even quicker if I'd stop following them around, asking dumb questions!)

I just had Air Now come and check out my air conditioning system for the upcoming summer. In a house with a 19 year old system, my concern is that I'm living on borrowed time. Air Now has been to my home three times now and while they detect some issues, my system lives on. I was starting to quesion whether I really need to have them inspect my heater in the fall and AC in the spring, but their detection of some impending issues tells me that I'm glad I have them come.

And when that day comes when I need to either make major repairs or replace major components, I have no doubt where I will turn for those services: Air Now has earned my trust and my business.

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