Air Conditioner Service in Folsom, CA

We have our share of hot summer days in the Folsom area! When our desert climate heats up, older air conditioners and heat pumps can sometimes struggle to keep up. When there’s a problem, who do you call for top-quality air conditioner service in Folsom, CA? The answer is Air Now Heating and Air Conditioning.

Air Conditioner Repair

Would you like to know what the most important aspect of any air conditioning repair call is? Accurate troubleshooting. HVAC systems can have quite the variety of problems. But here’s the kicker: the problems often share similar symptoms. You don’t even want to know how many times a trusting homeowner purchases a new air conditioner because a Folsom air conditioner tech tells them the compressor is bad, when in reality it’s just the capacitor. A capacitor costs a fraction of the amount of a new unit. When you call Air Now for your Folsom air conditioner service needs, you can trust our advice and work to be done right.

Family Owned Goodness

There’s really no getting around the fact that the service you can receive from a family owned and operated company is simply unmatched by service from larger companies. A family owned business has the luxury of knowing their customers by name. On a more personal basis. We have the luxury of lower overhead. This means we’re less focused on the inventory that needs to be sold by month end, and more focused on meeting the precise needs of our customers. We’re a Folsom air conditioner service company who is experienced as well. With decades of history in the HVAC industry, we’re not just friendly, we’re equipped to deliver top-quality air conditioning solutions for your home.


Lisa L. - El Dorado Hills, CA
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I have had many Air Conditioning companies come out to my business to figure out why several of our offices were not getting air flow. Kirk from Air Now went up into the attic and found a piece of metal obstructing the air flow. We had suffered for several years but Kirk was the only one who took the time to find the root of the problem.At home we also had an air conditioning problem. Three other AC companies gave us $20,000 bids to replace our inside and outside AC units. Kirk came to the rescue again. He insisted we were being hosed and simply replaced the outside compressor and our bill was $5000. Our utility bills have gone down by 40 percent. If you want a totally honest company and a gifted H/AC company dont go anywhere else. He will save you so much money.
Air Conditioner Service in Folsom

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