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With major equipment such as air conditioners, Air Now will try to do everything possible to repair them before determining that a replacement is necessary. The need for a replacement usually comes after you’ve had your system for many years, or when it has been used excessively and cannot be repaired any longer. We will only recommend replacing your air conditioner when you are experiencing constant repairs that no longer keep it working properly and prove to be a waste of your money. Our FREE in home estimate to replace your old air conditioner is no pressure and no obligation.

Quality AC Installation Begins with a Professional Design

Some contractors merely size a new system based on the old system’s capacity rather than completing a professional design. What if your home’s heating and cooling needs have changed since the last system was installed many years ago? What if the original system was not sized properly to begin with? Guess work can lead to under-sizing your new system, which can reduce the comfort of your home. Bigger is NOT better. Many contractors will readily sell you a bigger unit than you need. It costs you more to buy, and it can cost a lot more to operate and service. Even worse, over-sizing will add unnecessary expense to the job’s installation cost, and may contribute to moisture-related problems down the line.

It takes time and expertise to complete a professional load calculation and system design. A California HVAC contractor lacking needed technical skills, or someone just interested in making a “fast buck” may try to convince you this is not important. However quality design is crucial to an efficient, well performing system.

The Load Calculation is Where it All Begins

Many things impact your air conditioning and heating requirements. The number and size of windows and even kitchen appliances all affect load calculation. Year-round, comfort is the goal. In the summer, your cooling system not only cools your home’s air (sensible cooling), it removes moisture (latent cooling). In the winter, your heating system must keep you comfortable without causing high utility bills.

Any HVAC contractor should be using the Manual J® residential load calculation procedure. Manual J is the official standard for residential load calculation and is required by many building codes around the country.

Selecting the Right Equipment

Heating and air conditioning equipment comes in many capacities, configurations and efficiencies. It can be very confusing. As your local HVAC contractor, we select the right equipment that will be compatible with your home’s heating and cooling needs. Don’t trust other California contractors who are not performing accurate Manual J load calculations to size and recommend equipment. Trust Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning to do the job right and install the perfect system to meet your unique requirements.

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