Air Conditioning Repair in Granite Bay, CA

Air Now is trained to work on any brand or type of air conditioner, our technicians will visit your home right away and inspect the system to find the source of the problem. If you notice a drop-off in efficiency, an increase in the cost of your electricity each month or that your home simply is not staying as cool as it once did, call us right away for air conditioning repair in Granite Bay.

If you need air conditioning repair in Granite Bay, CA performed on any component of your air conditioning system, we are here to get the job done.

AC Repair all Brands & Models

We understand that when the temperatures rise in Granite Bay you fast & quality AC repair. Our air conditioning repair technicians have the experience with brands & models and can provide the best solution at the best price. Whether your cooling system requires a simple coolant recharge, or you require a complete air conditioning replacement, Air Now has you covered.

Air Conditioning Service in Granite Bay, CA

Whether you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading your current air conditioner, or are in need of an air conditioning repair in Granite Bay, CA, call Air Now. If you need a new packaged central air conditioner or if you would like to know more about air conditioning, give us a call. We can help you choose the right air conditioner for your home and then install it for you, so you can rely on it for many years to come. We are also available for annual AC tune-ups and maintenance. Contact Air Now today for professional air conditioning service in Granite Bay, CA.

We have been working with families and businesses throughout Sacramento to keep their homes comfortable and their bills low. We can do the same for you.

Toni D.
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I went to Air Now on the referral of my Nephew; who couldn't speak high enough. I was quoted a reasonable fee and was scheduled for the following day. I was expecting a week out being it was middle of summer... so next day was great for me. To my surprise I received a call from the friendly office and asked if they could come by sooner as they were in the area. Kirk and Tristen came out &, we had a working A/C same day! VERY reasonable pricing, honest, professional and friendly.
Air Conditioning Repair in Granite Bay, CA

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Air Conditioning Repair
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