Whole House Fan Installation

Whole house fan installation can help lower your energy usage and high monthly cooling bills. Air Now can help you with your whole house fan installation in Folsom, CA.

Whole House Fans are a type of fan installed in a home’s ceiling, they are designed to pull hot air out of the home. Whole house fans force the air into the attic space. This causes a positive pressure in the attic, forcing air out through the roof vents, while at the same time producing a negative pressure inside the living areas, which draws cool air in through open windows.

A whole house fan is a primary natural cooling device that can significantly enhance, reduce or even eliminate the need for an air conditioner. Consuming far less energy than air conditioning, a whole house fan can significantly lower the temperature in a home or building quickly.

The smart green alternative to an air conditioner

Whenever evenings cool off, it just makes sense to harness the cool fresh air nature provides, rather than expensively conditioning your own. An Centravent whole house fan creates a fresh living and sleeping environment, for a fraction of the cost of AC. It’s one of the best energy efficiency investments you can make, and enjoy.

Centravent Whole House Fan Installation

As soon as the evening cools off, your Centravent can come on. It’s designed to quietly run all night, steadily drawing cool fresh air in through open windows while exhausting hot stale air out through attic vents. This creates a cool, fresh, natural living and sleeping environment while drawing heat out of the structure to reduce the air conditioning load for the next day.

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