Furnace Installation in Rancho Cordova, CA

When winter arrives you want your home to be warm. With a free estimate for a furnace installation in Rancho Cordova, CA from Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning you can count on a safe & energy efficient heating system.

Our technicians are trained to provide factory standard installation. You get the comfort of knowing that your furnace was installed correctly and you’ll be saving on your energy bills.

Financing Available

We offer financing through Ygrene. Ygrene is a privately funded program that offers financing for projects that offer energy efficient solutions to your home.

The Modern Gas Furnace

Granted, we don’t get near the winter weather of other states, but that doesn’t mean we’re not freezing cold in the winter months! Well… at least close to freezing. Gas furnaces have come a long way in recent years. Now they offer condensing technology, modulating flames and variable speed fan motors that make them quieter, more efficient and better at indoor comfort than ever before. As a trusted HVAC contractor, we specialize in furnace replacement, repair and preventive maintenance. The type of furnace you get is important, not just for comfort and efficiency during the winter months, but during the summer too. The fan motor in the furnace is also used for air conditioning. A variable speed ECM fan motor is whisper quiet. If you’ve been turning up the TV when the air conditioning kicks on, those days can now be over! Schedule a free in-home estimate today.

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