Furnace Replacement in Folsom, CA

When you call Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace replacement in Folsom, we’ll perform Manual J calculations to evaluate your home’s heating needs to ensure proper sizing of your new furnace. We take the necessary steps to ensure your furnace is installed correctly while standing behind our work. We install York heating systems.

Quality Furnace Replacement

It is important to have your home’s heating needs assessed by an HVAC professional before installation. That advice can help ensure that your new system provides you with a comfortable even temperature, as well as better control of how your home is heated. Quality planning and installation is critical to a system that will last year after year – an underrated system would always be working at full capacity, while an overrated system would have to cycle on and off – causing reliability issues and poor heating. That’s why Air Now’s input is so important in helping you choose the right system.

Repair or Replace Heating System

If you’ve had to repair your heating system multiple times or if it’s been under consistent use for many years, it might be time to replace it. Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning can replace your old heating system with an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient unit. Our heating systems will help you save on your monthly energy bills and keep your home comfortable.

Get the Right Size Furnace to Save the Most Money

In most homes, the heating and cooling system installed is too big. Besides wasting energy, improper size can create uneven temperatures, poor humidity control and costly maintenance problems over time.

Improper furnace installation in Folsom can reduce system efficiency by up to 30%. But properly sized ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment can easily cut your annual energy bill by hundreds of dollars. Programmable thermostats, like the YORK® Affinity™ Residential Communicating Control, can save you even more with improved energy savings, home comfort and peace of mind that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

Ask Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning about high-efficiency residential products with the ENERGY STAR® label.

Financing Available

Ygrene makes home improvement financing fast and affordable.

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