Heating Installation in Folsom, CA

Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning is a heating & air conditioning contractor serving Folsom, CA. We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our existence is based upon the effectiveness in which we deliver reliable, efficient heating and air conditioning service.

So how do we do it? We start by offering the latest in air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality technologies. With a reliable HVAC product foundation, we then pay attention to your needs. Air Now does not apply cookie cutter solutions across the board. Instead, our recommendations will be centered around the what is best for your specific air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality requirements.

Third, our professional installers are experienced and understand the proper way to install HVAC equipment in Folsom, CA. A poorly designed system ends up costing you money in higher utility bills along with the possibility of system failure.

Lastly, we protect your heating and air conditioning investment with our preventive maintenance plans. From tune-ups to seasonal maintenance to filter changes, Air Now is the HVAC contractor you can trust to provide quality heating installation in Folsom, CA.

Heating Replacement

There are some tell-tale signs that a new heating system would help make your house more comfortable and save on energy costs. Loud sounds coming from your furnace or little heat flow may be signs of malfunction. Frayed or exposed wiring can sometimes be safely repaired, but may also indicate more serious problems. Older heating systems are less efficient, and more expensive to operate, so it may be worth installing a new system to take advantage of the cost savings in energy efficiency.

Ygrene Works For California Home Improvement Finance

California is a recognized leader in sustainability and clean energy with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Ygrene is here to help Californians meet that goal by providing easy, affordable access to home improvement financing.

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