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What would home be like without a reliable comfort system? Sometimes, not that comfortable. Heating and air conditioning helps home be home, and we’re proud to be a local HVAC company serving Folsom, CA. We’re known for honest advice, quality work and exceptional customer service.

HVAC Design and Installation in Folsom, CA

The most important part of a home comfort system is the initial design and installation. When we give an estimate, we first visit your home to perform proper inspection and/or testing. Then we listen to your comfort, efficiency and budgetary goals, and then recommend the ideal solution to meet them precisely. Air Now backs all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get a free estimate for furnace installation in Folsom, CA.

HVAC Repair Done Right

There are many things that can act up with a heating and air conditioning system. The indoor coil can get dirty, the outdoor coil can freeze up. There can be fan motor, heat exchanger or ducting problems. The list is endless. But here’s the tricky part: Symptoms can be very similar. That’s why you need to trust a professional like Air Now to properly determine what’s going on with your comfort system. This ensures you’re only paying to fix what really needs it. We’re a Folsom HVAC company that you can count on for AC repair in Folsom done right!

Whole House Fans

Whenever evenings cool off, it just makes sense to move the air inside, rather than turning on your air conditioner. A whole house fan creates a cool living and sleeping environment, for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. It’s one of the best energy efficiency investments you can make.

Ask us about whole house fan installation in Folsom.

Indoor Air Quality

If you’re like many, you’ve probably been skeptical of the recent push for indoor air quality products during the last few years. Why the new concern for something that wasn’t even talked much about 20 years ago? Great questions. First off, modern homes are built to be energy efficient to save money. They are sealed tight. Household cleaners and other products that produce toxic pollution that simply has nowhere go. Add to that mold spores, bacteria, dander, viruses and more. We have the solution to poor indoor air!

HVAC Design & Installation in Folsom

We’re going to tell you something that might surprise you, coming from a Folsom HVAC company. Here it is: The quality of equipment is not the most important thing about your home comfort system. Whew…we said it. Seriously though. The finest equipment installed wrong will have major problems that cost a lot of money to fix. Your home comfort system must be designed and installed according to factory specifications. The great news is that Air Now not only performs installations the right way, but we use industry leading equipment, so you get the best of both worlds. Call us today for a FREE in-home estimate.

York Air Conditioners

We’re a Folsom HVAC company dedicated to customer satisfaction. We want you to be very happy and satisfied with the heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality solutions we offer. Part of this is choosing the right equipment for the job, and we have the years of experience required to do just that. We’re experts at helping you invest the right way. Some customers need a high efficiency system, while that’s overkill for others. You can rely on Air Now to give you the right advice for your unique comfort needs. Call us for quality air conditioning service today!

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