Quiet Whole House Fan

When you need to cool your home down consider getting a whole house fan installed. We install CentraVent. CentraVent is an energy efficient & quietly performing whole house fan.

Whole house fans are different then attic fans. While both attic fans and whole house fans help to ventilate, they each serve distinct purposes within a home.

Attic Fans – Designed to cool just the attic of a home.

Whole House Fans – Designed to cool the living space at night whenever the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature.

A whole house fan works by drawing in cool air through the open windows and the air will be circulated throughout the entire house. After which, the air is pulled into your house’s attic where it will be pushed out quietly by the attic fans.

Whole house fans will keep you comfortably cool during the summer but you can also say goodbye to cooking smells, and the development of mold and mildew. Air Now has been providing professional installation and repair services for years.

CentraVent Offers Quiet, Efficient Cooling

Cooling your home during the summer shouldn’t break the bank, and it also shouldn’t create a lot of noise. Our whole house fan installation experts will quickly install your CentraVent system to help you save money on your utility costs with this efficient and quiet whole house fan!

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