Whole House Fan Installation in Shingle Springs, CA

Enjoy the benefits of a whole house fan as an effective alternative or complement to home air conditioning. The concept is simple, by bringing cooler outdoor air into the house, you can take advantage of nature’s own cooling system.

If you are sick and tired of suffering from uncomfortable nights & sticky evenings in your home, then you need to have a professional install a whole house fan in Shingle Springs, CA. It is an innovation that can help you keep your cool throughout the day without letting you spend as much as a couple of bucks a month.

What does a whole house fan do?

Nobody likes a stuffy home and an oscillating fan just doesn’t work. Centravent whole house fans can quickly, efficiently, and quietly cool large living spaces that a standard fan just can’t touch.

When the outside temperature dips below the inside temperature, it’s time to switch on the Centravent. Then, open a couple windows to start the cooling process. Within moments the fan begins to create a breeze, the home will feel noticeably cooler, and the air will become noticeably fresher.

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Whole House Fan Installation

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